1851-1860 Colt Revolver .22 Conversion Kit

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NO Frame Modification required to load & unload with Konverter in place.

Works with 1851 Colt Navy, 1860 Colt Army, 1861 Colt Navy.

This Revolver Kit can covert both .44 caliber and .36 caliber medium and large frame Colt revolvers to .22LR.  Never Dry Fire!

**Ejector 000.024 can be used to eject empty shells.

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The Colt Revolver .22 Conversion Kit fits the 1851 Navy, 1860 Army, and the 1861 Navy revolvers manufactured by Uberti, Pietta, and Colt Black Powder and Signature Series. This .22 Conversion Kit will also fit ASM with gunsmithing. All .22 Conversion Kits fire standard .22 LR ammo; including .22 Long and .22 Short.


One Konverter will allow the conversion of both .36 caliber and .44 caliber to .22 LR.  There is a .36 caliber barrel adapter and a .44 caliber adapter bushing in the kit along with adjustment washers allowing you to adjust the cylinder to barrel gap for any of the full size Colt models.  If you own multiple percussion revolvers, one Konverter can easily be moved from gun to gun.


Even better: You do not need to remove the cylinder to load and unload, and there is no frame modification needed.  Take out the percussion cylinder, slip in this Konverter and you’ve converted to .22 LR in minutes!  Please, Never Dry Fire!

8 reviews for 1851-1860 Colt Revolver .22 Conversion Kit

  1. Michael H. Moore

    Very Good in my 1851 navy colt uberti

  2. Michael Moore

    very good

  3. Brian Hladik (verified owner)

    Fantastic in my Uberti 1860
    Fit right in and works flawless..
    Thank you Walt

  4. Daniel Cretens

    It will tickel you pink

  5. DK (verified owner)

    Neat design and great fit. I have a single action navy revolver I got at a gun show and this cylinder looks, fits and functions flawlessly in it.

  6. Jon Perry

    Very happy with the .22lr Konverter, it works flawlessly and is more accurate than they say it is.
    I can’t wait for Walter to design an ejector for this.

  7. Penelope (verified owner)

    The engineering on this cylinder is pure brillance. Used it in my Pietta 1851 .44 Navy snub. Had to replace the hand in my gun, but the included trouble shooting tips diagnosed that issue perfectly. Also drilled an appropriately sized feed in my revolver so I could load rounds in easier. I apparently inherited my grandfather’s love for single action revolvers. He would have loved this conversion kit. Happy shooting, gunslingers.

  8. Bill Collins (verified owner)

    Just got my .22 converter. Along with the ones you usually list, it presently resides in my Pietta
    Griswold-Gunnison repro.

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