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This Kirst 2-Step Hand is specifically designed to improve the lock up of full size Colt replica conversions done with Kirst Konverters. It allows the Uberti and Pietta 1860, 1851 & 1861 to function smoothly and more dependably than the factory-made hand. In addition, the hand spring is stronger and less apt to fail, which is common with the factory hands. This product will also successfully solve problems with advancing and locking up the cylinder, which are inherit to all Uberti 1860 Army revolvers made after 2015.

Designed by Walt Kirst, this is a must have for every shooter!


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Uberti, Pietta

6 reviews for 2-Step Hand

  1. thekillercom13 (verified owner)

    I did it ,No need for Instruction Easy as One,Two,Three !
    It works Great sorry & thank very much !
    The trigger is Very Smooth .

  2. Wade (verified owner)

    Work exactly as described. Took no time to install.

  3. Swen Swenson (verified owner)

    A set of Wolff reduced power springs and this hand make a wonderful improvement in these old single actions. I’ve installed two, both were drop-in fits, and both work great. I highly recommend these!

  4. Phillip Light

    I bought a new Kirst cylinder that came with the hand and cylinder was not going far enough when cocking my 1860 peitta. I called and talked to Kirst Konverter gun smith and he got off on something else other than what my revolver was not doing and was not leading up to that he finally said your cylinder isn’t locking up like it should and said you can se it to us and we can fix it. I took my revolver apart and seen it was the trigger/bolt spring broke. I ordered a new one but the hand i received with my cylinder is off and will not push my cylinder all the way.

    • Kirst Konverter

      Phillip: Sorry you are having trouble with your gun. We have seen a few recent production guns from both Pietta & Uberti that are farther out of spec than usual. If you have one of these trouble guns, talking to the gunsmith and listening very carefully will resolve the problem. The gunsmith’s knowledge is immense, and he certainly knows how to resolve these issues. We also offer a gunsmithing service (through the online store) where we send you box addressed to the gunsmith for you to ship the gun out, if you prefer to have the gunsmith do the installation. Please call the office for more information 860-435-4735.

  5. Charles Pearce (verified owner)

    Easily installed and works flawlessly. I assume it works better than the factory hand since I never tried the factory one with the converter. I just bought a new hand to use the converter on a second gun.

  6. Curtis Lee

    I bought one of these in 2017 after getting my first 1861 Uberti at the recommendation of VTI.
    Fast forward to 2024 I finally found myself needing a new hand asy. This fit my pistol with out needing any fitting. Should have bought 2 or 3 as price is over$10.00 more presently.

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