Standard Installation includes:

  • Cut loading port and cold blue machined surface.
  • Install, fit and adjust revolver for Kirst Konverter assembly.
  • Test fire the conversion.

Action Job includes:

  • A Standard Install plus;
  • Polish internal parts, time and tune action, adjust spring tensions,
  • Repair / replacement parts, if required, are an additional cost.


We offer installation service to those who do not want to open the recoil shield themselves (with a dremel tool).  Standard installation is; having the gunsmith open up the frame to allow for the gate to function, and fitting the cylinder.

If you want an Action Job, the gunsmith goes through the gun entirely and cleans up all the leftover production residue, burrs etc, and lightens the springs and times it perfectly for competition.  In both cases, the Black Powder cylinder will still function, so you can choose which cylinder you’d like to use.

If you choose the Gunsmithing option on the website, we will ship you a box large enough for the gun, with the Konverter (If purchased together) in the box.  We ask you to fill out the paperwork, send a copy of your Driver’s License, and place the gun, with the black powder cylinder installed, in the box.  The box will have a UPS label already addressed to the gunsmith. There is plenty of packing material for the gun, please tape it close and hand it to any UPS driver or UPS drop off location.  In 4-6 weeks the gun will be on it’s way back to you.

Please phone in if you have any other questions (860)435-8068 Mon-Fri 9am-4pm EST.

Additional information


Standard Installation ($125), Installation plus Action Job


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