1849-1862 Colt Pocket Model .22 Conversion Kit

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1848 Baby Dragoon, 1849 Pocket Model, 1862 Pocket Navy, 1862 Pocket Police

This Pocket Model Kit can convert both .36 caliber and .31 caliber small frame Colt Pocket revolvers to .22LR.


**Ejector 000.024 can be used to eject empty shells.


This kit is great for the small frame Colt Pocket Model reproductions from Uberti, including the 1848 Baby Dragoon, 1849 Pocket Model, 1862 Pocket Navy, and the 1862 Pocket Police.  You’ll need to open the recoil shield with a Dremel Tool (Instructions included) in order for the .22 rounds to slip in and out, but once done, you’ll have a very handy little .22 Pocket Model. You can easily switch back to a percussion Cap & Ball cylinder at any time. All .22 Conversion Kits fire standard .22LR ammo; including .22 Long and .22 Short.

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No Installation, Standard Installation (+$125), Installation plus Action job (+$260)

2 reviews for 1849-1862 Colt Pocket Model .22 Conversion Kit

  1. Robert Cook (verified owner)

    I’ve bought several different Kirst conversion cylinders for different revolvers from both Pietta and Uberti and I’m happy with them. This is my first comment on any of them. I got a couple of these 22 converters and while they were a bit more finicky to get working than some of the others, in the end they worked out just fine. Accuracy at the range was acceptable for a gun with what is a 2 inch barrel. No problem ringing steel plates at 10 yards, or even longer distances. Ok, if you’re buying Kirst cylinders, you’re going to be a die-hard Cowboy Shooting enthusiast, because these things are not cheap. But now that I’ve had Kirst, I wouldn’t go back to the Taylor’s or Howell’s cylinders, even though they are less expensive. Kirst is just a better and easier to use product.

  2. Ed

    Just to let everyone know the 22 pocket conversions are awesome 👌 installed very easily and can hit a soda can easily at 25 yards and is a great tool to teach 👍 young shooters the safety rules of shooting thank you Mr kirst, Eddie

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