Colt .45 Cal 1860, 1851 & Dance (FREE Hand Assembly Included)

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“FREE HAND ASSEMBLY” included with a purchase of either Uberti or Pietta Konverter Assembly!!
These Konverters are for the Uberti 1860 Army and Pietta 1860 Army, Pietta 1851 Navy .44cal and Dance.  They Convert the Guns to .45LC,.45 Schofield & .45ACP for Uberti & Pietta.  Steel Frame Guns only for this Caliber. Please use Standard Pressure or Cowboy Action ammunition loaded with either Smokeless or Black Powder.
  • Our Gunsmith offers two types of Installation Services OR if you’re experienced with gunsmithing, here are VIDEOS to help you through the process.


**Please note, if you own a Pietta made Dance Revolver, the conversion requires modification to the forcing cone and will not allow return back to the Dance Black Powder cylinder. Kirst Recommends Our Gunsmith ONLY to do Dance Conversions as the Guns are Hand Made From the Factory.  Please use the Kirst Gunsmithing Option Online Only.  No Other Gunsmith is Recommended for This Work at This Time.

Uberti made Guns From 2015 to Present (marked CN, CO, CP, +) have different tolerances and require a New Hand.  We are Including This Hand in Each Konverter.  


  • Gated Konverter
  • Blued
  • .45LC,.45 Schofield & .45ACP for Uberti & Pietta
  • 5 Shot
  • Steel Frame Guns Only
  • For All New Production Guns, We Recommend the New 2 Step Hand (000.007 for Uberti, and 000.107 for Pietta) due to the differences in tolerance. the use of the new hand we include with each Konverter Set is necessary for the flawless operation of the gun.
  • 1851 Uberti, 1851 & 1862 Pietta use a barrel- mounted Ejector 600.013 OR a hand-held Ejector key 000.024
  • 1860 & 1861 Uberti or Pietta, use a barrel-mounted Ejector 600.020 OR a hand-held Ejector key 000.024


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Uberti, Pietta


No Installation, Standard Installation (+$125), Installation plus Action job (+$260), Standard Installation for Dance (+$230), Installation plus Action job for Dance (+$365)


.45LC & .45Schofield, .45ACP

21 reviews for Colt .45 Cal 1860, 1851 & Dance (FREE Hand Assembly Included)

  1. Quentin Mahar (verified owner)

    after a long time reading and comparing all products available on the market decided to go with the Kirst conversion. Installation i pretty self forward and quite easy if you follow the instructions and have any working knowledge of your firearm. Pieces came in a nice richly blued and blends in as tended!! worked flawlessly at my range but after the 3 loading noticed that my gate was not gating!! Contacted the company and new one was sent out right away!! What a super business very professional and as stated no B.S!! I will definitely reccomend this company to my fellow cowboy re enactors and will also being doing more business in the future. All I can say is A +++

    • Kirst Konverter

      Thank you for taking the time out to give your feedback.It is much appreciated. And please let us know if we can assist you again.

  2. Eric B. (verified owner)

    I have a Pietta 1851 and was initially surprised about fitment issues but I have to say it was the gun and not the Konverter. The Konverter was 2.002 inches long while the existing Pietta cylinder was 1.983 so Pietta had done quite a bit of sanding and fitting down from the 2 inch standard length. It only took me a couple hours of cutting out the loading gate and sanding and reblueing to get everything nice and slick and I put 100 rds of 45 colt through it the next day without issue. A quality product that comes at spec with lots of room for fitting to your own unique italian repro.

    • Kirst Konverter

      Thank you for taking the time out to give your feedback.It is much appreciated. And please let us know if we can assist you again.

  3. Jerry L

    I have copies of the 1858, 1860 and 1851 Pietta’s, I was hesitant to modify my black powder guns so I tried the “other brand” converter cylinders, they were a pain to reload and performance varied a lot… I purchased a Kirst Konverter for my 1851 (the least expensive of my 3 black powder pistols) when they were on sale and spent 3 evenings doing the modifications to the frame. The project was relatively easy and when I took it to the range the performance was flawless, the only drawback was I didn’t buy the extractor, so I had to use an allen key to push out the spent brass. I wish Kirst sold a complete kit with cylinder, gate, and extractor for the 1851 and 1860. Now I am saving up to purchase a Konverter for my 1860 and an extractor for each of my Pietta Colts.

    My only regret is that I wasted my money on the “other brand converters”, I have found the Kirst Konverter to be superior in performance and ease of operation, even if it did require using a file and a dremel tool to cut the clearance for the gate and a little re-blueing. Only advice to do it yourselfers is: take your time, use a vise to hold the disassembled frame and mask off the exposed areas of the frame with painters tape while cutting the opening for the gate.

    • Kirst Konverter

      Thank you for taking the time out to give your feedback.It is much appreciated.You may also be interested in knowing that we are offering a Limited Edition Saber River Engraved Set for the 1860 Pietta, .45 Colt for a reduced rate of $598 (previously $715.00).This item can be found in our Special Deals page. We have a very limited amount left in stock. We are glad to hear you are pleased with our product. And please let us know if we can assist you again.

  4. seth altaffer

    Have two kirst konverters. Installed both in my cap’n’ball revolvers with a little help from a little rotary dremil. Both work great. Out of all of the guns that I could own, these are my favorite.

    • Kirst Konverter

      Thank you for taking the time out to give your feedback.It is much appreciated. And please let us know if we can assist you again.

  5. Bob R.

    So pleased with the Kirst Konverter in my Uberti Walker that I got one for my Uberti 1860 Army. As with the Walker I purchased a new cylinder hand & bolt so I didn’t have to modify the originals. This conversion installed even easier than the Walker, although I did machine up a button for the end of the cylinder arbor to extend it slightly. After approx. 300 rounds the action has broken in & is so smooth & slick. This combined with fine accuracy make it one of my favorite six-shooters. Wish a loading-gate style converter could be made for my Ruger Old Army as I wouldn’t hesitate……..Great Product!

    • Kirst Konverter

      Thank you for taking the time out to give your feedback.It is much appreciated. And please let us know if we can assist you again.



  7. Austin Myers (verified owner)

    I installed the .45 Schofield/Colt gated conversion in a 1851 Navy .44. Cylinder works great and lots of fun. I have shot hundreds of rounds through it and its still up and running great. I intend to get another one for my 1860.

  8. Bud Meise (verified owner)

    Extremely satisfied with the Kirst konverter, I opted for the basic installation package offered by Kirst, I spoke with the gunsmith, and he was a pure pleasure to deal with, I could have listened to him all day long. His work on my pietta 1860 was outstanding, the timing was pure perfection, and the cartridge channel he machined and blued looked like it came from the factory. I am so pleased, that I have already purchased another konverter and the basic installation package for my second 1860 as I write this review.

  9. Steve Lee Parsons

    Just had the Kirst Konverter fitted to my Uberti Walker Colt by my Gunsmith (3 day turnaround, very reasonable price).
    I would not recommend a novice trying this machining process.
    Works flawlessly, firing both BP and Smokeless cartridges. Kirst is a quality product, excellent fit and finish.

  10. Richard H Bartolowits (verified owner)

    I purchased both the Konverter and the ejector assy. I did my own gunsmithing, took about 3 hours, but was being very careful to ensure I didn’t over-smith the gate port. After some small adjustments to my action, which I knew I would most likely need to do, the gun was together and ready for the range. I am very pleased with the way the design functions and looks. This fired great right from the start, and the action is very smooth. I am very happy and would recommend if you are going to convert to 45LC, don’t waste money on other conversion kits, I did, and this is the only one I am truly happy with and proud to show.

  11. Lowell Green (verified owner)

    I purchased everything I needed for a Uberti 1860, (cylinder and ejector).
    These parts are of excellent quality, precise machining, perfectly done.
    This made installation very easy, everything went right in place, no fitting needed, just remove material from the recoil shield, and some bluing, thats it.
    Will be back for another kit.
    Thanks Again,
    LT Green

  12. Nate (verified owner)

    Second one I’ve bought, first was a 22 so I didn’t really have to dremel out the loading port but this time I did, the sanding drum made pretty quick work out it maybe 2 hours, I wrapped the frame in painters tape but still got some metal dust/shavings inside it’s kinda hard to keep it all out but I gave it a oil bath(filled a container with gun oil) and it washed most of it out. Mr. Kirst is awesome too, responds to emails quickly and always helps if you are having issues.

  13. Phil (verified owner)

    Second conversion for me, this for the 1860. I had about 150 4 ” strokes on a medium cut file, stopping and checking after every 10 strokes. The cylinder turned through all five chambers but slightly stiff on 2 so another 20 strokes and easy rotation through all 5 chambers. The original hand would not rotate the cylinder. The replacement hand that came with the converter worked perfectly without any additional work. I thought about one of the less expensive models available elsewhere but was so happy with my first Kirst on a Pietta Sherriff I decided to stay put. If I do another it will definitely be another Kirst.

  14. Eric Pipes (verified owner)

    The kirst converter is a QUALITY product. Its a high end extremely well engineered piece of machinery. I own 3 and they were worth EVERY PENNY! The new hand made by Mr.kirst is the best timed hand ive ever seen

  15. Allen usa

    (1851 Marshall’s model 2021) Works so well had to do 0 modification to fitting it. Do recommend polishing the main spots just to give it that extra smoothness. Ammo I recommend Black Hills Cowboy Action Ammunition 45 Colt LC 250 Grain Round Nose Flat Point 725 velocity.

  16. Ross Lally (verified owner)

    I own two Konverters: one for a Pietta Remington Army .44 and the other for a Pietta Colt Army .44. I have put several hundred rounds through each, with both performing flawlessly. They are high quality, and I can recommend both without hesitation.

    I installed the Remington Konverter myself, but chose to have the Colt Konverter installed (and the action reworked) by Kirst’s gunsmith because I could not get the timing right before doing any of the frame cutting. Their gunsmith Bill is an incredible craftsman and a really nice person. I had the chance to speak to him when he called to get my OK for a couple action tweaks he wanted to make. His metalwork is superb and the action is now as smooth as any of my modern revolvers.

    Great job, Kirst and Bill!

  17. frank c weitzel

    i’ve converted an 1851, a 1860 , and a remington. all worked flawlessly right the box . i have always liked the feel of the 1860 . converting it to shoot .45 long colt , just made it better.

  18. Charles Pearce (verified owner)

    I bought the 45 cap cylinder as well as an extra hand. I have used the Converter on two Pietta navies and it does well with both. I will always shoot my low power reloads which are black powder or Trail Boss. Lots of fun

  19. Milos Acimovic

    Hello, I have a question, I am from Serbia. Is there a possibility I can get conversion gear from this factory? Thank’s.

    • Kirst Konverter

      Thank you for your interest in our products. Sorry, at this time Kirst Konverter is not shipping overseas.

  20. Bert Barnett

    I have a question. Will these fit into the old Belgian/Centennial/Centaur 1860 Colt Replicas from the early 1960’s?

    • Kirst Konverter

      No, we’re not recommending it for those model guns. The internal parts are quite a bit different from the Italian manufacturers.

  21. frank c weitzel

    i have your konverter cylinders for 1858 Remington’s , 1860 colts and 1851 colts. i have been completely satisfied. the quality of yor cylinders will outlast the guns themselves .

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