1858 .22 Conversion with Ejector

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  • Fire .22 Cartridges from your Cap & Ball revolver
  • Convert from Cap & Ball by just slipping in the .22LR Kit
  • 2-3/8″ barrel adapter is accurate at 50 foot target range
  • Switch back to Cap & Ball by reinstalling the original cylinder
  • Shoot more for less money, make loading easier and faster
  • Grind a loading port into the frame and load with .22 cylinder installed
  • Our “Improved Ejector” works for all calibers from .22LR to .45LC.
  • This Ejector is NOT appropriate for a Snub-nose (3” Barrel).
  • 1858-5.5-ejector-directions

  • Our Gunsmith offers two types of Installation Services OR if you’re experienced with gunsmithing, here are VIDEOS to help you through the process.


The .22 Conversion Kit fits the 1858 Remington revolvers manufactured by Uberti & Pietta. This .22 Conversion Kit will also fit ASM with minor adjustments. All .22 Conversion Kits fire standard .22 LR ammo; including .22 Long and .22 Short.

One Konverter will allow the conversion of both .36 caliber and .44 caliber to .22 LR.  There is a .36 caliber barrel adapter and a .44 caliber adapter bushing in the kit along with adjustment washers allowing you to adjust the cylinder to barrel gap for any of the full size Remington models.  If you own multiple percussion revolvers, one Konverter can easily be moved from gun to gun.

If you choose to use the new Improved Ejector you will need to cut a small diameter port in the revolver frame. This way you can load and unload without removing the cylinder.

This Improved Ejector fits all 1858 Remington models and works to eject all size cartridge cases, from .22LR to .45 LC. The direct, straight back ejection motion and spring loaded action makes ejecting your spent cases quick and easy. The built-in cylinder pin secures the ejector to your revolver by simply removing and reinstalling the loading lever and replacing the stock cylinder pin with this assembly, then reinstall the loading lever and screw.

Please Note – We are occasionally seeing loose base pins in both Uberti & Pietta 1858’s due to Italian factory tolerance problems.  This can cause chamber misalignment in the .22.  The solution is an oversized diameter base pin, or make sure your gun has a very tight base pin before converting to the .22 caliber.

***Make sure you select the right converter for your guns as per the manufacture year of the gun. Also, please confirm your base pin is tight before purchasing this item.***   NEVER DRY FIRE!!

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No Installation, Standard Installation (+$125), Installation plus Action job (+$260)


.36cal. & .44cal. (2" Barrel), .44cal. ONLY (2.375 Barrel)

Manufacture Year of Gun

Pre-2017, Post-2017

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  1. Robert Cook

    I bought two of these and converted a Taylor’s ACE with a 3 inch barrel and a Pietta Sheriff model with a brass frame and a 5.5 inch barrel. I was able to use a Kirst ejector with the Sheriff model, but not the ACE. It was not hard to cut a loading port in the brass recoil shield of the Sheriff. Fun at the range? Oh heck yeah, both conversions were a hoot. Accuracy more than good enough at 20 long paces. (Too bad I can’t upload pictures with reviews or I’d show you.) Kirst has another winner with this 1858 22 conversion! (Note: Keep the gun pointed level or down during and after loading, or rounds may slide out the back of the cylinder when it rotates.)

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