1858 Remington .22 Conversion Kit

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This Conversion Kit can convert both .44 caliber & .36 caliber Pietta & Uberti Remington revolvers to .22LR.


The .22 Conversion Kit fits the 1858 Remington revolvers manufactured by Uberti & Pietta. This .22 Conversion Kit will also fit ASM with minor adjustments. All .22 Conversion Kits fire standard .22 LR ammo; including .22 Long and .22 Short.

One Konverter will allow the conversion of both .36 caliber and .44 caliber to .22 LR. Or if you only shoot .44 caliber 1858, there is a longer barrel adapter for increased accuracy. The .36 caliber barrel adapter and a .44 caliber adapter bushing in the kit along with adjustment washers allow you to adjust the cylinder to barrel gap for any manufacturer of the full size Remington models.  If you own multiple percussion revolvers, one Konverter can easily be moved from gun to gun.

If you choose to use the new Improved Ejector you will need to cut a small diameter port in the revolver frame. This way you can load and unload without removing the cylinder. Our new Improved Remington Ejector Assembly was designed to work with our .22 Conversion Kit, as well as all other calibers.

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.36cal. & .44cal. (2" Barrel), .44 cal. ONLY (2.375" Barrel)


No Installation, Standard Installation (+$125), Installation plus Action Job (+$260)

1 review for 1858 Remington .22 Conversion Kit

  1. Fabien Renaud (verified owner)

    This conversion kit is great.

    It’s made with high quality materials and the adjustment is perfect.

    I recommend this product.

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