PALE RIDER 1858 Remington Kirst Konverter Assembly

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1858 Remington Konverters.  These Converters are to be Used on Steel Frame Guns Only.  No Brass Frames for These Calibers.

You have the Option of Calibers – If the Gun is a .44 cal, You Can Convert it to .45 Colt or .45ACP.  If the Gun is a .36cal, the Conversion is to .38sp/.38LC.


  • Blued
  • .38Sp,.45LC, .45ACP
  • 6 Shot (.38sp) and 5 Shot (.45LC, .45ACP)
  • Steel Frame Guns Only
  • “NEW” Equalizer – Fits ALL Uberti & Pietta Made Guns, Past & Present.
  • Please use Standard Pressure or Cowboy Action ammunition loaded with either Smokeless or Black Powder.

Additional information


.45 Colt, .45ACP, .38SP, .44 Colt


Uberti, Pietta


No Installation, Standard Installation (+$125), Installation plus Action job (+260)

13 reviews for PALE RIDER 1858 Remington Kirst Konverter Assembly

  1. JJ Smith

    i got this for my pietta, drop in as claimed and action is great. after 50 rounds it is still superb and i love it, reloading my own cowboy ammo, have not tried it yet but im looking forward to it.

  2. Dewey Landrum

    I converted two Pietta Remingtons using the PALE RIDER Konverster. There was a little fitting of ring that had to be done to make the cylinders smooth. I am using four cylinders and wanted all four to work smoothly in each revolver. I used fine and extra fine stones to do the fitting and some cold bluing to blue the worked areas. I carry the two extra cylinders in civil war style cylinder pouches for SASS. They work great with .454 hard cast 250 gr. bullets over some Trail Boss powder. These conversions are well worth the money and effort. I have never had a misfire or a jam.

  3. Paul Bauman (verified owner)

    Purchased cylinder for 36 cal Lyman Remington navy made by armi San paolo a uberti cylinder fit perfect just had to file down the foot on the back plate took 5 minutes had some minor issues with chamber bore diameter sent email Walt replied back within two hours and gave me his number to talk to him personally and took care of everything quickly so I am very impressed and satisfied with Kirst service and quality of there products and will be purchasing more in the future

  4. yoann karmamm (verified owner)

    J’habite en France j’ai converti en 45LC mon REVOLVER PIETTA 1858 REMINGTON SHERIFF CALIBRE 44 . Il faut juste limé légèrement en bas de l’anneau arrière pour qu’il se mette en place facilement. je suis tres content de mon achat et pour un prix disons le très correct. Hâte de l’essayer.

  5. Ducloyer (verified owner)

    Livraison parfaite en deux semaine en france. Prendre plutôt la version avec porte car l’ajustement et parfait donc parfois galère de démonter le barillet

  6. Richard Symons (verified owner)

    I tried out my .45 Pale Rider ungated Konverter in my Uberti Remington New Army. It slipped right into the frame so easily! I ran some. 45LC blanks through it. It works perfectly and performs so great! I am planning on buying some Pietta and Uberti revolvers and having Kirst install the gated Konverters. I plan to get the .45LC installed into a Pietta 1851 Yank and a. 38SP in the Uberti Remington. 36 caliber 1858! Looking forward to doing more business with you Kirst in the future! Great service and products! I also ordered a Kirst .45LC Konverter for my stainless steel Rugar Old Army and that also performs flawlessly!

  7. Richard Symons (verified owner)

    Another master piece from Kirst! I buy my Konverters from Kirst and always have the best luck with the quality! I give Kirst 5 STARS!!!!!

  8. Mike Cheuvront

    I bought my first Kirst cylinder for my 1858 Remington back in 2000, long before they were called the Pale Rider. Been using it in my 1999 made Pietta for 21 years now and have easily put 8,000 rounds of both black powder and smokeless .45 cartridges through it without a single misfire or problem. It still works like a champ – these thing are built to last, which is why I also own two of Kirst’s .22 cylinders one for my other Remington and one for an 1860 Colt Army. Also have the Kirst stainless cylinder for my Ruger Old Army. All great products!

  9. Michael Halliwell

    I bought the 45 Kirst for my Remmy and had to stone the feet of the ring down a little and it now works in both of my Remington revolvers . Will be buying more conversion cylinders for the rest of my collection. Love this product and it’s easy to install and fire.

  10. Miguel Romero

    Can I convert a pedersoli reminghton pattern 44?

    • Kirst Konverter

      The Pedersoli Remington .44 is based on a Uberti frame. So, yes you can use the Kirst Konverter. Choose the Uberti Konverter.

  11. Ader

    Do you still ship to France ? Regards

    • Kirst Konverter

      We are not shipping internationally currently unfortunately. Our apologies for the inconvenience.

  12. Charles Clark

    I recently purchased a cylinder for a ,36 caliber pietta 58. Didn’t buy ring as l have one on my pietta ,44 in 45 ACP. Works fine in that gun. Website says the new cylinders work equally well in either caliber. It does not fit the navy .36 l bought it for. Too long. So, how do p get in touch with Mr.Kirst’s outfit? The website shows how to order stuff, says nothing about customer service. I would just like a shorter cylinder

    • Kirst Konverter

      Please call the office to clarify. (860)435-4735.

  13. Tyler Leishman

    Kirst’s gunsmith did an outstanding job on my 1858 remington revolver. I was very pleased with the quality of the work that I had 2 of my other black powder revolvers worked on. Though I could have fitted the cylinder to my revolver (s) myself I would not have made the final appearance anywhere as good as their gunsmith. Very fine work.

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