Colt 1851 Navy, 1861 Navy Kirst Konverter Assembly .38 Special OR .38 Heeled Base

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These Konverters are used on the Steel Frame Uberti or Pietta 1851 Navy and 1861 Navy in .36cal.  Please use only Standard Pressure or Cowboy Action ammunition loaded with Smokeless or Black Powder.  Brass frame revolvers should NOT be used with this Konverter.

The .38 Special Kirst Konverter (with 0.358″ diameter throat): Will handle standard .38 Special, .38 Long Colt and .38 Short Colt, not exceeding 1.425″ in overall length.  NOTE:  Will not accept .38 S&W Short cartridges, .38 S&W Long cartridges or .38 caliber heeled Base Bullets!

The .38 Heeled Base Kirst Konverter (with 0.375″ throat diameter), additional $30.00 for this option. The .38 Heeled Base Kirst Konverter is available for those wishing to load and shoot historically accurate Heeled Base lead bullets in their 1851, 1861 Colt Navy Revolvers.  (Will not accept .38S&W).  This model Konverter is only needed if you load and shoot .38 caliber Heeled Base lead bullets.

These are Gated Konverters so with the Frame Modification (Opening the Recoil Shield) you can Load and Unload with The Konverter Installed.

Our Gunsmith offers two types of Installation Services OR if you’re experienced with gunsmithing, here are VIDEOS to help you through the process.

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  • Gated Konverter
  • Installation Required
  • No Need To Remove Konverter to Load & Unload
  • Blued
  • .38 Special (.38SP, .38LC or .38Short)
  • .38 Heeled Base
  • 6 Shot
  • Steel Frame Guns Only
  • 1851 Uberti or 1851 Pietta .36cal, use a barrel- mounted Ejector 600.013 OR a hand-held Ejector key 000.024
  • 1861 Uberti or Pietta .36cal, use a barrel-mounted Ejector 600.020 OR a hand-held Ejector key 000.024


Additional information


Uberti, Pietta


No Installation, Standard Installation (+$125), Installation plus Action job (+$260)


.38 Special, .38 Heeled Base (+$30)

11 reviews for Colt 1851 Navy, 1861 Navy Kirst Konverter Assembly .38 Special OR .38 Heeled Base

  1. Donald Brant (verified owner)

    Worked wonderfully on an 1860 (.36 cal) snub nose Colt. High quality. Easy installation.

    • Kirst Konverter

      Thank you for taking the time out to give your feedback.It is much appreciated. And please let us know if we can help you again. The 1860 .44cal Snub nose cal uses Item# 040.101 and the .36cal aka 1861, 1862 Snubnose uses Item# 000.101.

  2. JohnSilva

    Installation was easy, grinding the recoil shield took the most time, but with a Dremel tool and sanding drums, then polishing and blueing it looks like a professional job. Very satisfied,no timing issues. Shoots great. John

    • Kirst Konverter

      Thank you for taking the time out to give your feedback.It is much appreciated. And please let us know if we can assist you again.

  3. william stevens (verified owner)

    Love it,fits like a glove and shoots very good .

    • Kirst Konverter

      Thank you for taking the time out to give your feedback.It is much appreciated. And please let us know if we can assist you again.

  4. Michael Wonzik (verified owner)

    Got the Konverter and install for my PIE Snubnose Colt in 36 cal. Great Work!

  5. Doug

    WOW! I’m so happy I purchased the Kirst Konverter for my Uberti .36 caliber 1861 Colt Navy. I had some questions not covered on the Kirst website. I called Kirst for some answers before I made my purchase. Mr. Kirst himself called me back the same day. Mr. Kirst was very kind, patient, caring and genuinely interested with helping me select the correct product and answered all of the technical gunsmithing project questions I had because I wanted to do the project myself. During the project I needed a little more help with some fitting issues so I called again. Within the hour Mr. Kirst called me back and he was extremely helpful directing me to successful completion. With Mr. Kirst’s coaching I had so much fun doing this project. So much that I had to call Mr. Kirst and tell him how pleased I am with his product. The true enjoyment is in the fun shooting the conversion and the conversations the Kirst Konverter starts at the range. The Kirst Konverter is an extremely well designed and exceptionally well made. I highly recommend the Kirst Konverter! You will definitely not be disappointed. Watching the Kirst made video and speaking with Mr. Kirst sealed the deal. Get one for yourself, you’ll be happy you did. Thank you Mr. Kirst!

  6. Dirty Dan (verified owner)

    The cylinder fit perfect right out of the box. Had to shave a little off the bottom of the back plate, just like in the instructions, and it fit perfect too. I took my time with the loading port ,couple of days (cutting and checking cutting and checking) , and it works just fine. This is a great product and i will buy another one for my 45. The only issue i have is the loading gate is so tight to open it hurts my 21st century wimpy fingers.

  7. Richard H Bartolowits

    I purchased both the Konverter and the ejector assy. I did my own gunsmithing, took about 3 hours, but was being very careful to ensure I didn’t over-smith the gate port. After some small adjustments to my action, which I knew I would most likely need to do, the gun was together and ready for the range. I am very pleased with the way the design functions and looks. This fired great right from the start, and the action is very smooth. I am very happy and would recommend if you are going to convert to 45LC, don’t waste money on other conversion kits, I did, and this is the only one I am truly happy with and proud to show.

  8. Matt Costen

    I sent Mr Krist my Ubertie Walker Colt for a conversion to 45LC. They cut the loading area and installed the cylinder kit and did an action job. The gun was a Wedding present from my wife and the upgrade was my idea a few years later. These guys earned all 5 stars. Fantastic job on everything! I’m now going to redo a pieta Navy Sheriff’s Model in need of help. I’m gonna do the work myself. Should be fun.

  9. Keith (verified owner)

    I purchased the 1851 Navy Konverter & Ejector Assembly for my wife’s .36 caliber Pietta Anniversary present. After very carefully reading all the directions sent with this amazing kit, I disassembled the pistol down to the frame & started in with my Dremel. I have read where every says it’ll only take about three hours…but I know ME better than that. So, I really took my time with this job & spent the better part of a day grinding, fitting, filing, fitting, sanding, & some more fitting, until I was satisfied I hadn’t messed it up opening the ejection port too badly. I was expecting to have to work the bottom of the rear plate as the instructions stated, but instead ended up have to fashion a little shim. I polished up the action with my own stones before putting everything back together. Everything locked in nice & tight…& it runs smooth as melted butter.

    I found setting the Ejector Assembly was actually the most trying part of the endeavor & it needed a good bit of filing to quit interfering with the barrel wedge spring…& this ended up giving the piece some unwanted blemishes, equaling a few more hours of touch ups. I wasn’t about to give my Bride a scratched up shootin’ iron after all the years she’s put up with me. I went back & re-read all the reviews, & either I’m extremely special (my Momma says so) & am the only one who’s had to fight with a wedge spring…or nobody felt it necessary to mention…but I will. You’ll likely have to fit & tighten your Ejector Assembly. The tightening is mentioned in the instructions, but not the wedge spring issue. I highly suggest taping everything off while you do your fitting & filing to avoid marring the barrel. Still, I have absolutely no real complaints & the ejector kicks out spent casings like a mule once you’ve tweaked the assembly to your iron.

    Overall, the Konverter & Ejector…are just fantastic. My wife was tickled & decided to give me at least another year of marriage. We even loaned it out to one of the re-enactors for the 2021 Defeat of Jesse James Days in Northfield, Minnesota…& it came home with rave reviews, but none of the pictures we asked for. Like I said, I know me…

    VERY pleased with the product & will definitely be ordering Konverters for my backordered Uberti 1860 Army & Uberti 1847 Walker; and the add’l 1851 Navy I now have to order, because they Konverters are so slick, the wife now wants a matching set of pistols. If I could afford it, I’d send them both in to be engraved for her too.

  10. John Freeman (verified owner)

    I completed my project pietta 1851 navy, including nickel plating it. works great. Very happy with it.

  11. Huckleberry hound

    Awesome fit, perfectly timing makes my pietta even more fun 😀 cowboy up

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