1858 Remington Kirst Konverter Assembly ...


1858 Remington Konverters.  These Converters are to be Used on Steel Frame Guns Only.  No Brass Frames for These Calibers.

You have the Option of Calibers – If the Gun is a .44 cal, You Can Convert it to .45Colt or .45ACP.  If the Gun is a .36cal, the Conversion is to .38sp/.38LC.

You have the Option of the Style Of Ring, a Pale Rider Ring is Non Gated and does not Require Opening of the Recoil Shield.  The Pale Rider Konverter must be Removed to Load and Unload.  You can Choose The Gated Ring Which Allows you to Load/Unload with the Konverter Installed.  A Frame Modification is Required for the Gated Konverter.  If You Decide to Open the Recoil Shield, You Can Do it Yourself, or Have the Kirst Gunsmith do the Installation for You.


  • Choose Gated or Non-Gated Konverter Ring
  • Blued
  • .38Sp,.45LC, .45ACP
  • 6 Shot (.38sp) and 5 Shot (.45LC, .45ACP)
  • Steel Frame Guns Only
  • Low Velocity Ammo

Additional information


.45 Colt, .45ACP, .38SP, .44 Colt, .22RF (.22LR, .22S, .22L)


Uberti, Pietta


No Installation, Standard Installation (+$125), Installation plus Action job (+260)

Ring Type

Gated, Pale Rider, Civil War


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