Dragoon Konverter & Ejector Tool Set


  • Gated Konverter
  • Blued
  • .45LC
  • Low Velocity Ammo
  • Uberti Size Base Pin (Modify for ASM)
  • Universal Ejector Tool


These Konverters are for the Uberti Made “Dragoon”  .44cal to .45LC.  Please use Low Velocity Ammo.  These Konverters can also be fitted to the ASM Guns, but there is a difference in the diameter of the cylinder pin, and adjustments are required (Gunsmithing recommended).
The Universal Ejector Tool for .22LR to .45LC can be used with any cartridge conversion revolvers. It is a simple way to eject your spent cases, and is very handy. It comes with a tool holder that has a self-adhesive Velcro strip, so it can easily attach to the back of your holster. It keeps the ejector tool right with you and in reach when you are at the range. The tool works on all calibers from .22LR to .45LC and it’s barely visible from the front of the holster.

Additional information


No Installation, Standard Installation (+$125), Installation plus Action job (+$260), Standard Installation for ASM (+$210), Action Job for ASM (+$345)


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